what is this event about?

this event is a hackathon. there are different types of hackathons. basically, a hackathon is an event where a bunch of people gather over a weekend and build something cool. this can be a maker project, a marketing strategy, etc. in this case, the goal is to build some software.

you will assemble a team of up to three members with the other participants. you can also assemble one before the event and go there all together. at the event, there will be different partners, each proposing at least one challenge. you and your team can choose a challenge and then work on a solution over the weekend. the partners and challenges are listed below.

the event is planned to be held in german and english.

the hackathon is organized by students of the TU Ilmenau in cooperation with the start-up service Ilmkubator.

partners & challenges

to deal with the challenges you have to know how to code. specific domain knowledge (e.g. machine learning, computer vision etc.) is beneficial, but not necessary.

Fraunhofer IDMT, group SMT -- two challenges: (1) code a basic additive synthesizer. (2) at least one machine learning tasks that will be specified later on.

Fraunhofer IOSB-AST, group EIS -- three challenges: (1) environment perception for autonomous working machines. (2) trafficability analysis for outdoor/offroad scenarios. (3) detecting potential transport goods.

MetraLabs GmbH -- gap- and product detection in RGB images and point clouds of supermarket shelves.

Thüringer Zentrum für Lernende Systeme und Robotik (TZLR) -- bonus challenge: bird song detection and classification from audio data.

location & schedule

the event takes place at the Ilmkubator (Langewiesener Straße 32, 98693 Ilmenau, Thuringia) and lasts from friday, 2024-05-24 until sunday, 2024-05-26. the current schedule can be seen below.

friday 3pm opening and introduction to the challenges.
4pm in parallel: mingling | possibility to talk to partners | moderated team building | for complete teams: plotting logos
5pm start coding.
6pm dinner.
8pm cake time.
saturday continue coding...
8pm cake time.
sunday 12am solution submission deadline. start preparing final presentation.
1pm lunch.
1:40pm final pitches and evaluation.
3pm ending and award ceremony.
4pm chillout.

what should i bring?

yourself, a computer (e.g. your laptop), a charging cable, an ethernet cable (there will be ethernet cables, but they might not be enough for all participants).

what about food?

there will be food at the event. more details will follow.

i do not have a team. can i still participate?

yes. we will provide the possibility to assemble a team the first day of the hackathon.

i am not from ilmenau and need a place to sleep.

this problem is solvable. just write us an email. see contact.

can i get study credits from the event?

successful participation in the kickelhack hackathon is recognized with 15 work units for the Ilmkubator Entrepreneurial Skills Certificate.